Care tips – Closed mossariums

A closed mossarium is a mini self-sustaining ecosystem. Water evaporates and condenses on the walls of the glass container, forming droplets which are absorbed by the plants. In comparison to other houseplants, closed mossariums require very little care. All you need to do is to keep the environment moist and humid, but never over-water.

Moss are plants without roots which absorb water and nutrients via their leaves in the damp and shady environments they live in.

In the wild, they live in green clumps.

Use distilled water/rainwater instead of tap water as it can prevent mineral build-up which can kill the plants.

Monitor and maintain a healthy level of moisture within the container. Droplets of water as well as light fog (see below pic) on the walls of the container are healthy and common:


If you notice the walls of the container are heavily fogged or overly moist (see below pic), there’s too much water. Over-watering can cause mould or the plants to rot. Err on the side of too little water rather than too much since there’s no where for them to drain.

When that happens, simply wipe the excess water droplets away, or open the lid to let them evaporate.

If you spot mould, simple wipe them off using a piece of tissue or cotton bud.

If you’ve achieved the right water levels, a closed mossarium can go a month or more with no water. If there’s no condensation within the jar, lightly mist the moss for the water cycle to regenerate.

Also, open the lid and air the mossarium overnight once a week to let in some fresh air.

Place the mossarium under indirect sunlight e.g. beside the window, or at a distance under your grow light 2-5 hours a day.

Do not leave it under direct sunlight for too long as the glass can magnify the heat and dry up the moss.

Moss doesn’t grow quickly. But if the moss and tall plants overgrows, simply trim them using a pair of scissors. You may also touch up using new moss if the current moss turns brown.

Remove any dead leaves or rotting plants periodically to prevent the rot from spreading.

There’s no need for fertilisers as that’ll cause the moss to grow quickly, which is something you’ll want to avoid in a closed jar.

Moss reproduces by spores. When ripen, the spore capsules break open and spores are carried by the wind.

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