Directions from Marymount MRT exit B (200metres walk)

The walk to our office is not sheltered so it’s recommended you bring an umbrella (:

Turn left after you exit the gantry at Marymount MRT

Take the escalator up at exit B

Cross this pedestrian crossing in front of Raffles Institution side gate

Cross this pedestrian crossing to Jalan Pemimpin

Walk straight along Jalan Pemimpin

Towards this grey and white building

You’ll see Kong Beng Industrial Building

Turn left after entering this gate. You’re at the right place if you smell vanilla.

Walk straight and turn right into this shelter

Take lift A or B to level 5.

Walk through this grey door

Walk through this blue door and you’ll see an altar.
We’re the unit all the way at the back, with a small rattan bench.

If the blue door is closed, call your instructor or press the doorbell.

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Free local shipping for orders above SGD100