Directions by driving
(set your GPS to “41 Jalan Pemimpin”)

This grey and white building is where we are

Turn left after entering this gate with signboard 41

You will see parking lots at this area

Kong Beng parking rates
Mon – Fri after 5pm: Free
Sat: Free 1pm onwards
Sun: Whole day free

If there are no lots at Kong Beng, set your GPS to 38 Jalan Pemimpin “Mapex” and park there.
Mapex is 2 buildings down on our left when you face the Kong Beng gate.

Mapex parking rates
Mon-Sun & PH
7am to 7pm: $1.20/hour or part thereof
7pm to 7am: $2.50 per entry

At Kong Beng industrial building, take life A or B to level 5.

Walk through this grey door

Walk through this golden door and you’ll see an altar.
We’re the unit all the way at the back, with a small rattan bench.

If the blue door is closed, call your instructor or ring the doorbell.

Free local shipping for orders above SGD100

Free local shipping for orders above SGD100