Q: Do you have a physical shop?

A: No, we currently operate from home at Sengkang Eastway. We know it’s very far for some of you, but trust that we’re working hard towards a more central venue (:

Q: Do you ship overseas?

A: No, as we can’t ship plants overseas. However we do have plans to develop products which can ship internationally in the future, do subscribe to our mailing list to be updated or keep a lookout for them!

Q: Do you have a schedule for workshops?

A: No, we currently don’t and the workshops are on appointment basis only. If you’re keen, do whatsapp us at +65 91778587 and we’ll inform whether a private session is possible with the no. of participants. If not, we’ll keep you informed of the next upcoming workshop.

Q: I'm interested to buy a terrarium but I don't have green fingers. Should I go ahead?

A: If you lack the confidence of looking after plants, we strongly recommend you to participate in our workshops instead. Not only do you get guidance on which species to choose in order to suit your planting habits, we explain the science behind each component and care tips so you can be better equipped with the knowledge to look after them. If you ever need to refresh your memory, simply visit the care tips section on our website.

Q: What happens if the plants die? Do you provide resurrection?

A: Yes, we do. Simply fix an appointment by whatsapping us at +65 91778587. You’ll then need to bring the containers down to Sengkang Eastway whereby we fix the terrariums at 40% of the original price, just to cover the service fee and materials. It’ll be ready in half an hour to an hour’s time, so you may take a walk at Compass One while waiting (:

A pickup and drop off service is also available but charges apply.