Distinctive by its evergreen lacy stripes of leaves and black stems, the Maidenhair Fern looks more delicate than it is. Though it may not seem like it, it is infamously known as ‘The Diva of Houseplants’ for its feisty demands to always be watered well. 


The Maidenhair Fern derives from almost every continent in the world except for Antarctica, and is commonly used as an ornamental plant. This plant has to be given a level of attention, having to ensure that its soil is almost never dry. However, in a case in which the Maidenhair Fern dries out, it shouldn’t be considered dead unless it hasn’t sprouted leaves in 18 months, being able to be resurrected with the right care.


Here are some pointers on how to care for the Maidenhair Fern!


  • Keep soil well drained
  • Put under bright indirect sunlight
  • Ensure soil is moist at all times