Top up $3/pax on top of the quoted workshop cost to have a team building game integrated into the workshop.
We guarantee the fun and laughter!

Activity plan

1. Participants break into groups

2. Instructor gives presentation on crafting terrarium

3. Groups answer a quiz on paper on crafting the terrarium 

4. Instructor gives presentation on taking care of the terrarium

5. Groups answer a quiz on paper on taking care of the terrarium

6. With the no. of points earned from the quiz, they get to purchase figurines and priority passes from a booth

7. They work on their terrariums as a group and do a short introduction of their terrariums to everyone

8. Instructor and facilitators grade terrariums

9. Winner(s) is announced and prize presentation takes place*

*Prizes will be provided by your end. (Doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s the thought that counts!)

Examples of items available for purchase at the “booth”

Grading criteria

Teamwork 50%

Does the terrariums display cohesiveness and teamwork?
e.g. they adopt the same theme or has the same story behind them

Creativity/Originality 30%

Does the terrariums look creative/original?

Neatness/Aesthetics 10%

Are the layers neatly separated?
Any pebbles stuck in the succulents?
Any succulents look like they’re drowning in the soil?

Presentation 10%

Is the presentation entertaining/interesting/creative/original?
Does the group display teamwork during the presentation?