Workshop details
Price range: starting from $48/pax
Duration: 1.5h
For age group: 12 and up
Craft level: Intermediate

Cost includes
• 1 air plant (select from 2-3 breeds)
• All tools and materials required
• Gold acrylic paint
• Paper bag
• Lychee oolong tea from

Suitable for
• Birthday parties
• Corporate events
• Hen’s parties
• Team building activities

Other notes
• Size of planter is 8.5cm diameter x 6.5cm height
(Larger sizes are available at additional costs)
• Only one design available currently
(Other designs may incur additional costs)
• Only gold paint available currently
(Other paint colours may incur additional costs)
• Customisable for events
• We can either host it at your venue or provide a venue
• Optional add on services are available for FnB and photography
• Prices vary according to factors such as no. of participants, venue and add on services