Care tips – Fittonia terrariums


Pour water onto the area around fittonia stem daily to moisten the soil.

You may also mist your fittonia regularly, but spraying alone is insufficient to provide the fittonia with sufficient water.

Keep soil lightly moist, but not soggy or soaked. If over-watered, your fittonia may develop yellow leaves. You can look at soil moisture through the transparent glass container

If your fittonia lacks water, it will appear droopy like this, but it’s not dead:

You just have to add water to the soil or increase the amount of water you pour and the leaves will “plump” up again.

Place the mossarium under indirect sunlight e.g. next to a window, or within 6 inches under a grow light 2-5 hours a day.


If you leave it under direct sun, you will need to water it more regularly since water evaporates more quickly.

Fittonia is tolerant of low light, but it may not grow as healthily e.g. lesser new leaves and colours on leaves will start to fade/leaves lose vibrancy.


Fittonia does grow taller, so if they get too tall, simply trim them using a pair of scissors. Cut away the top but ensure there are still leaves left on the stem.

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Free local shipping for orders above SGD100