Care tips – Open mossariums


Moss are plants without roots which absorb water and nutrients via their leaves in the damp and shady environments they live in.

In the wild, they grow in green clumps.

Water moss with distilled water/rainwater instead of tap water as it can prevent mineral build-up which can kill the plants.

The tall plants (fittonia/pilea/fern/bubble plant) love wet environments, just like cushion moss, so they can be paired together in the same terrarium.

Spray water onto moss daily. Ensure moss always feel damp when you touch it.

Ensure soil is always moist. Spraying may not be sufficient so you can pour water using a tablespoon or a watering bottle.

On days when you’re unable to water it daily, e.g. when you go overseas, use a cling wrap to cover the opening, so moisture can be trapped inside.


Place the mossarium under indirect sunlight, or within 6 inches under a grow light at least 2 hours a day.

Do not leave it under sunlight for too long as the glass can magnify the heat and dry up the moss.


Moss reproduces via spores. Spore capsules will grow in a stalk. When ripen, the caps of the capsules open and spores are dispersed by wind.


Moss doesn’t grow tall very quickly. If the moss and tall plants (fittonia/pilea/fern/bubble plant) overgrows, simply trim them using a pair of scissors. You may also replace brown moss with new moss.

Remove any dead leaves or rotting plants periodically to prevent the rot from spreading.

There’s no need for fertilisers as that’ll cause the moss to grow quickly, which is something you’ll want to avoid in a closed jar.