Care tips – Open mossariums


Moss are plants without roots which absorb water and nutrients via their leaves in the damp and shady environments they live in.

In the wild, they grow in green clumps.

Water moss with distilled water/rainwater instead of tap water as it can prevent mineral build-up which can kill the plants.

The tall plants (fittonia/pilea/fern/bubble plant) love wet environments, just like cushion moss, so they can be paired together in the same terrarium.

Pour water onto moss daily to moisten soil and moss, and ensure moss always feel damp when you touch it.

You may also spray water onto moss regularly to keep it moist.

Ensure soil and moss are not soaking wet or drenched. If so, oxygen cannot flow through and the moss will die. When the moss dies, it turns brown like this:

If the moss turns brown, you may use a tweezer to replace the brown moss with new moss.

On days when you’re unable to water it for more than 2 days, e.g. when you go overseas, use a cling wrap to cover the opening, so moisture can be trapped inside:

The good news is that moss does not die immediately when it’s dry. Upon watering, it changes from pale green to a vibrant shade of green again. But try not to leave it dry for more than 2 days because once it dies and turns brown, it’s not possible to revive it.

Place the mossarium under indirect sunlight e.g. next to a window, or within 6 inches under a grow light 2-5 hours a day.


Do not leave it under direct sunlight for too long as the glass can magnify the heat and dry up the moss.


Moss reproduces via spores. Spore capsules will grow in a stalk. When ripen, the caps of the capsules open and spores are dispersed by wind.


Moss doesn’t grow tall very quickly. They very much remain at the same height so you don’t have to worry about pruning them.

The tall plants (fittonia/pilea/fern/bubble plant) does grow taller, so if they do, simply trim them using a pair of scissors. Cut away the top but ensure there are still leaves left on the stem.

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