How it started

Craftsforgreen Workshops started on a night in December 2016, when Felicia was making a terrarium for her secret Santee. While arts and craft have always been her passion, she still was surprised by the outcome of combining her creativity with plants.

Curious if her first piece (a teardrop terrarium) would sell, she put it on Carousell where she immediately sold three pieces within the month. Soon, she received a request to hold a bridal shower workshop. She rented a friend’s attic office and that was where she held her very first terrarium workshop.

Encouraged by the good response, she created an Instagram advertisement for a Valentine’s Day couple’s workshop, which she received orders from around 10 couples. She even received a request from a corporate company to conduct her first team-building event.

The experience made Felicia realise that there’s so much she can do to marry art and plants. By doing so, she can then create engaging and meaningful products and experiences. So she took a leap of faith and left her full-time job in advertising, and the rest is history.

Our mission

We believe in creating quality products, services and experiences that are affordable and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Sprouting happiness

‘Sprouting Happiness’ is the tagline of our rebranding campaign in 2020. In our years of operation, we find our customers’ faces of joy and hearing their laughter during events to be the most gratifying. Seeing participants enjoy the activities we plan, further convinced us of the reason why we started the company in the first place – to create happiness through affordable, fun and engaging products and services.

Our values

1. Delivering top-notch service to our customers, pre-, during and post-purchase.
2. There are no boundaries to creativity.
3. Spread joy, nurture happiness, cultivate positivity.

The places we’ve been

1)Felicia’s 5-room HDB flat in Sengkang

2) Sokozy Art Jamming Studio (Rental basis)

3)Kong Beng Industrial Building #05-01

4)Kong Beng Industrial Building #03-01C (current)

Free local shipping for orders above SGD150 

Free local shipping for orders above SGD150