About Craftsforgreen

It all started in December 2016 when Felicia, our founder, received a request for a terrarium from her secret santee. Instead of purchasing one off the shelf, she wanted to customise a design for the recipient.

Through her research, she came across the teardrop geometric vase and succulents. Intrigued by the angular design of the vase and the interesting shapes of succulents, she tried combining both and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

our first teardrop terrarium, 11 dec 2016

Being curious whether the design can sell, she uploaded a photo of the first teardrop terrarium on Carousell. To her delight, people started enquiring about it and she also received her first request to hold a terrarium workshop for a hen’s party.

our first hen’s party workshop, 4 feb 2017

our first teambuilding workshop, 17 feb 2017

She came to see how plants make perfect gifts when combined with art and design. She also realised that art and plants together create unique bonding experiences for participants at her workshops. She took a leap of faith in starting the business and decided on the name “Craftsforgreen” as she wanted something simple that can be easily remembered by everyone.

Since then, the company’s portfolio has extended to teambuilding workshops, wedding decorations, media events, kid’s parties and so forth.

The teardrop terrarium remains our best seller up till today, and Christmas will always be extra special to us (:

 About the founder 

Felicia majored in mass communications and graduated from Nanyang Technological University. After graduation, she spent most of her time working in the advertising industry.

Art and design has always been her passion. Since young, she has doodled in sketchbooks, experimented with different art materials and crafted gifts for her friends.

felicia and her newest creation – the water feature terrarium

The designs you see on Craftsforgreen are the result of her imagination. She believes that plants is the best avenue to express her creativity, as it can be enjoyed by people across all ages. Her knowledge in plants is self-taught; via extensive online research, various conversations with local nursery owners, as well as her own experimentation and experiences.

This business gives her an immense sense of achievement when her creations bring fun and joy to others. She enjoys herself the most at workshops when she’s able to interact with people and share her passion with them.

felicia at her first kid’s workshop

In her free time, you can find Felicia swimming, eating japanese food or thinking about Craftsforgreen (:

Free local shipping for orders above SGD100

Free local shipping for orders above SGD100