Having the natural tendency to cling anywhere if the circumstances permit, the Tillandsia is commonly known as an ‘Air Plant’. From branches, to gates, to even telephone wires, the Tillandsia is able to do this due to their minimal root network. Hence, many do not stay on the ground, but instead, hang up onto the branches of trees. 


Native to the rainforests, the Tillandsia is perfectly suited for our humid Singapore weather. Not needing soil grow, they rely on the absorption of moisture pockets and nutrients in the air. You can hang them in floral wires, or mount them on shells inside terrariums —- there’s no limit to your creativity!


Here are some pointers on how to care for the Tillandsia:


  • Give it weekly soakings (Submerged for about 20 – 60 min at a time)
  • Put under indirect sunlight
  • Don’t put under exposure to copper!