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Glass Shrimp Aquarium Workshop $65/pax

SGD $65.00

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Customize your own aquarium with a variety of rocks, figurines, and seashells. Learn about marimo moss balls, volcanic shrimps, and their symbiotic relationship. Catch your own shrimps and marvel at their low-maintenance care—no feeding or frequent water changes needed. These remarkable creatures thrive on microalgae, living up to 5-10 years. They can survive in low light and are perfect for home and office environments.

Workshop will be held at our studio at 41 Jln Pemimpin (short 3 min walk from Marymount MRT).
For directions via MRT, click here
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Min. 2 pax to start a private class. If you wish to share, the 2 S containers and your shrimps/moss balls/figurines entitlement can be combined into 1 M container.

Workshop lasts for 1-1.5 hours and includes

  • Guidance from an instructor
  • Refreshments (packet drinks)
  • S sized 10cm wide glass container with LED light and wooden cork
  • Base (choose from a few coloured rocks)
  • 2 volcanic shrimps (catch your own from our tank!)
  • 2 marimo moss balls
  • 1 seashell
  • 1 lava rock
  • 7 points for figurines choosing
  • Exquisite figurine=4 points, Premium figurine=2 points, Economical figurine=1 point
  • (view figurines variety here)
  • All tools and materials required
  • Care tips
  • Paper bag
  • You can top up $ for a larger tank, more decorations/shrimps on the day itself (view prices here)
    (To ensure we have sufficient shrimps for everyone, each aquarium can only top up a maximum of 3 shrimps)

Lesson plan

  1. Instructor explains marimo moss balls, volcanic shrimps and their symbiotic relationship
  2. Choose base and decorations
  3. Rinse base and lava rock(s)
  4. Set up your aquarium
  5. Catch your shrimps
  6. Pour water/shrimps in
  7. Instructor goes through care tips
  8. Photo taking
  • Time slot
  • 2nd pax
  • 3rd pax
  • 4th pax
  • 5th pax
  • 6th pax
  • I agree to the cancellation/postponement/late coming policy (see below)


Cancellation policy

-Not allowed once payment is made

Postponement/change of timing policy:

– Changes made at least 3 working days (i.e., not inclusive of weekends, PH) before the activity are free.

– Changes made within 3 working days (i.e., not inclusive of weekends, PH) before the activity will be charged SGD20 of penalty.

– Texts, phone calls and emails during non-working hours (weekdays after 6pm, weekends, PHs) might receive a delayed response as our admin office is closed.

Late coming policy
-This workshop will last for 1 hours from scheduled start time, with an additional 0.5 hours buffer for packing up/photo taking.
-If it exceeds 1.5 hours, instructor OT will apply at $4/15mins. The instructor will help you to keep within the duration, please try your best to come on time (:

Care tips

  • Best to only water when soil is completely dry. Insert a toothpick. If it comes out without soil bits, you may proceed to water.
  • Usually soil becomes dry in 2-3 weeks for indoor placements and 1-2 weeks for outdoor placements. But still safest to test as the top killer of succulents is over watering.
  • Water 10ml for each succulent
  • Water directly at the roots using syringe provided, do not spray

    • At least 6-8hrs/day under indirect sunlight e.g. next to a window, or within 6 inches under a grow light
    • Succulents are light-demanding plants so they don’t do well if you don’t place them at bright spots
    • Do not place under direct sun
    • For detailed care tips, click here

Additional information

Time slot

11-1230pm, 1230-2pm, 2-330pm (only sat), 4-530pm, 5-630pm

2nd pax


3rd pax

Sharing (+$19.50), Own aquarium (+$65), Non applicable ($0)

4th pax

Sharing (+$19.50), Own aquarium (+$65), Non applicable ($0)

5th pax

Sharing (+$19.50), Own aquarium (+$65), Non applicable ($0)

6th pax

Sharing (+$19.50), Own aquarium (+$65), Non applicable ($0)

I agree to the cancellation/postponement/late coming policy (see below)


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Free local shipping for orders above SGD100