Teambuilding workshops (20-50 pax) / Moss / Teambuilding Square Tank workshop $45/pax

Teambuilding Square Tank workshop $45/pax

SGD $45.00

Cost stated is valid for 20-50 pax. For other quantities, please refer to our rate card here or fill in this form and we’ll reply with a quote. Or whatsapp +65 96266065 for any queries.

If your budget falls short, please email us and we’ll see what we can do.

Cost includes:

  • Paper bag
  • Square tank geometric glass container (11cmWx11cmH)
  • Tiny pebbles
  • Potting soil, coco peat, perlite
  • Blue sand, large pebbles
  • Watering spray
  • Care tips sheet
  • Fittonia (each pax gets 2 stalks)
  • 1 premium figurine (each pax chooses 1)
  • 2 economical figurines (each pax chooses 2)
  • All tools required
  • Plastic table sheets and thrash bags
  • Transport and logistics to your office (NA if your event is at our studio)
  • Complimentary kahoot quiz with mini succulent prize worth $10
    (changed to cactus pen per member of winning group if you added on teambuilding game)
  • Instructor and facilitator(s) with 1:20 crew to pax ratio
  • Workshop slides with step by step pictures
    (no cushion moss)

Duration: 1-1.5 hours without teambuilding game, 2 hours with teambuilding game
For teambuilding game, each individual walks home with one terrarium.

  • Teambuilding game
  • Mini succulent kahoot quiz prize
  • Premium figurine
  • Economical figurine


For events at your venue, kindly download our OFFLINE workshop catalogue from this link and refer to the top price table of every page. For events at our marymount studio, you can refer to the bottom price table of every page.

Logistics required
We only need tables and chairs. Please arrange for groups of 4 to share 1 set of materials. We’ll lay plastic sheets on the tables so you only have to vacuum the floor after.

For above 10 pax, we need projector and screen. We’ll send you the slides to project before workshop.

Lead time and finance

Email confirmation 3 weeks prior to event with estimated no. of pax
50% deposit 2 weeks prior with confirmed no. of pax
After which, no. of pax can’t decrease. If increase, inform us and we’ll advise if we can accommodate.
If actual turnout is lesser than quantity informed, we’ll still charge based on quantity informed
If actual turnout is more than quantity informed, we’ll tap on 3 buffer sets brought to every event and charge them at the same rate.

Cancellation and postponement policy
50% deposit forfeited


Maintenance requirements

  • Keep lid closed. Only water when there is no condensation on inner walls of container

  • At least 6-8 hrs/day under indirect sun e.g. next to a window or within 6″ under a grow light

Additional information

Teambuilding game


Mini succulent kahoot quiz prize


Premium figurine


Economical figurine


Free local shipping for orders above SGD150 

Free local shipping for orders above SGD150