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Singapore is known as a green city but being chained to a desk job in our concrete jungles makes it easy for us to forget the tranquillity that nature brings. For those who are yearning to bring a little greenery to your workspaces but don’t have space for a regular potted plant, check out these 8 terrarium workshops that’ll give you a little zen garden that can fit into any tiny space.

3) Crafts For Green – variety of geometrical jars

Crafts For Green terrariums
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Most terrarium workshops already have a fixed jar for you to build your garden in but Crafts For Green’s terrarium workshops allow you to style your terrariums according to your geometrical jar preference. You’ll get to choose from Teardrop terrariums, Fishing mossariums and Globe terrariums for those who want a little more room for your plants.

The space also has workshops for children from 18 months old, which is great in helping children cultivate green fingers from a young age.

Their best-selling workshop is The Teardrop workshop. In this class, you’ll get to choose 2 of your favourite succulents before planting them in.

Lychee Oolong tea at Crafts For Green
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Free local shipping for orders above SGD150