Workshop details
Price: starting from $136/couple
Duration: 2-2.5h
For age group: 12 and up

Cost includes
• Rectangular glass tank
• Live cushion moss
• 2 stalks of fittonia
• All other tools, materials, equipment required
• Figurines (one fisherman figurine, 2 round trees, 2 houses, 1 bridge, one stonepath)
• Figurines can be exchanged for other figurines of the similar value
• If you do not wish to follow our figurines package, it will be $120/couple excluding figurines which will be chosen and charged separately on the spot.
• Care tips
• Paper bag

Suitable for
• Couples

Other notes
• Customisable for events
• We can either host it at your venue or provide a venue
• Prices vary according to factors such as no. of participants and venue