Workshop details
Price range: starting from $35/pax
(30 pax and above)
Duration: 30 – 45mins
For age group:
3 – 5 (accompanied by parent)
7 and up (independent)

Cost includes
• Gel wax
• Sand
• 1 starfish and seashells
• Wooden corks
• Coloured paper sails
• Burlap rope
• Glass jar 9cmW x 15cmH
• All tools and materials

Suitable for
• Parent-child bonding
• Kids birthday parties
• Kindergarten/childcare centre activities
• Primary school recreational classes
• Family day activities

Other notes
• Customisable for events
• We can either host it at your venue or provide a venue
• Optional add on services are available for FnB and photography
• Prices vary according to factors such as no. of participants, venue and add on services

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Free local shipping for orders above SGD100

Free local shipping for orders above SGD100