Craftsforgreen part timers recruitment - FAQs

Q: Are there any restrictions on sex or age in the hiring criteria?

A: There’s no restrictions for backend duties such as packing for events. For workshop facilitators we’d prefer students/freelancers aged 16 – 35.

Q: What if I know nothing about plants and crafts but I’m keen to try?

A: As long as you’re willing to learn, we’re more than happy to teach.

Q: Which profile of people will be most suitable for this job?

A: Students and freelancers, preferably someone with a flexible working schedule and the ability to work on weekdays and weekends.

Q: What kind of assignments will I be working on?

A: You will either be involved in event/order preparation (e.g packing for events). But mostly it’ll be workshop facilitation.

Q: What will be my duties for facilitating at workshops?

A: You will guide participants through the craft steps and care tips that have been covered in the pre-workshop briefing. Your job scope will also include other logistical and administrative duties.

Q: If I’m already trained for a particular product/workshop, can I skip the training session?

A: Yes, we keep track of the products/workshop you’ve been trained for.

Q: How will I be informed of an assignment?

A: We’ll drop you a note at least a week in advance in a WhatsApp group chat, and see who’s available to take it up.

Q: What’s the remuneration?

A: It starts from SGD8 per hour, depending on the assignment. There’s also opportunities for facilitators to promote to instructors whereby the pay is higher.

Q: What do I do if I’ve more questions?

A: You may email or whatsapp +65 91778587.

Free local shipping for orders above SGD100

Free local shipping for orders above SGD100